Empowering Lives,
Bringing a Change

Our Goal

Our NGO strives to raise awareness and tackle health, education, environmental, and gender equality issues among marginalized communities.

Our Vision

We advocate for access to healthcare, education, and environmental conservation while promoting gender equality and providing support for those affected by family violence.

Our Mission

We envision a society where everyone has equal opportunities for a healthy, educated, and sustainable life, fostering empowered communities for positive change.

Our Projects

Savika Sanstha promotes sustainable practices and environmental conservation for a greener future
Empowering through education, Savika Sanstha provides access to quality learning opportunities for all.
Women Empowerment
Advocating gender equality and empowerment, Savika Sanstha uplifts women and promotes inclusivity.
Fostering well-being and healthcare access, Savika Sanstha ensures healthier lives for all

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Phone No. +918308913904
E-mail admin@savika.org
Address Savika Sanstha S.No 790 Plot No A 201 Sai Anand Building Kasaba Peth Pune-411011